Sparkle Table

Multi-Sensory Illumination

An elegant solid surface table that enriches any atmosphere with rich and elusive sensory experiences. When softly touched, this experiential table emits a variety of responsive light behaviors that shimmer beneath your fingers, offering pleasing and restorative experiences.

The Sparkle Table offers a unique and intuitive form of play that is widely appealing and accessible. Adults, children, families, and seniors alike enjoy the surprising discoveries, gesture drawing and conversation that accompany the Sparkle Table.


Design specification


The Sparkle Table’s hidden network of full spectrum LED’s and sensors reveal a variety of rotating interactive light programs that engage people in multi-sensory play. The Sparkle Table’s durable construction and user-friendly installation make it well suited to a variety of public spaces. Easy to clean and disinfect, it is a low maintenance solution with emotional appeal.



64 x 30 x 29 (in)


The Sparkle Table’s smooth and seamless finish is made from translucent solid surface. It features a renewable exterior that can be refinished to preserve it’s pristine appearance. While the table’s standard color is white, additional colors of solid surface and a broad palette of  translucent acrylic resin are also available.


We offer full customization of dimensions, colors and light behaviors for our interactive light furniture.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tulsa, OK

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