Swamp Stool

Thermosensitive Stools for adults and children


The Swamp Stools offer “hands-on” experiences that encourage playful self-expression. Through the simple act of touch, people can create and explore gestural printmaking with their hands and body. As heat is transferred from the body to each stool, a dramatic temporary print appears for several seconds and then gradually fades away.

The Swamp Stools are are now offered in an array of vibrant new colors that respond quickly and dramatically to warm body heat. In addition to their colorful hues and interactive appeal, the Swamp Stools are comfortable oversized seating elements that bring a refreshing touch of whimsey to any environment.



Design specification


The Thermosensitive Swamp Stools offer playful experiences that delight children of all ages. At room temperature the stools appear one color, but a warm touch leaves behind temporary impressions of the hand or body in a dramatic new color. The thermosensitive prints last for approximately 30 seconds before fading away as the original color returns.

The Swamp Stools are designed for indoors use and should be kept away from UV light. Stools can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water and can be disinfected with a 9:1 solution of water and bleach.


Adult: 26 x 25 x 17.5 (in) Kids: 21 x 20x 14 (in)


Thermosensitive Colors orange>yellow      blue>white       green>yellow

purple>pink       black>green>blue



We offer full customization on all dimensions and materials for specific products.