Touch Wall Panels

Thermosensitive Wall Panels

Thermosensitive Touch Wall Panels

The Touch Wall Panels are modular three-dimensional panels that combine to create a sculptural interactive wall treatment. The panels shift color in response to warm body heat and exhibit subtle color fluctuations in response to changes in ambient temperature.

Touch Wall Panels are made by hand in Mississippi by a family owned fabricator that has been producing furniture for over 100 years.


Design specification


Touch Wall Panels are made by hand using traditional upholstery processes. The modular configuration enables panels to be combined to create two distinct patterns, the wave pattern and breaking pattern, or to be arranged irregularly in a personal composition. The Touch Wall Panels are offered in either the interactive (thermosensitive) finish or acoustical (wool) finish and consist of fire retardant fabric and acoustical foam. Panels are easily installed with provided hanging hardware and installation template. Product designed for indoor use only.


Medium: 18 x 18 x 4 (in) Small: 12 x 12 x 3.5 (in)


Thermosensitive Colors orange>yellow      blue>white       green>yellow purple>pink       black>green>blue

Wool Colors  grey  tan  black  lime  blue  aqua pink  red  orange